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Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking for Guidance

We leave Saturday for a week at the beach with my parents, who so generously allow us to tag along on their vacation every year. Needless to say, with grading, planning, teaching, doing the kids' make up work, and life in general, my mind was on full tilt today.

On the way home from carpool number three of the day I found myself dreaming about my time at the beach where I will be driving not one carpool. Then I thought, with all that time, I could bring all my school work and get a jump on the next week's plans. On the other hand, I thought wouldn't it be nice to leave it all behind and just veg out a little.

One option will make coming back home a bit more peaceful and the other will give me one week of peace. Which would you do?


Anonymous Kerry said...

Make yourself do enough planning and school work the first couple of days you are there so that you can truly veg out the rest of the time. Otherwise, you'll have that nag in the back of your head, you know.

And what a good example for your kids of responsibility and balance!

10:53 AM  

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