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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grateful - Day 8

This morning while Nelson and I were teaching ballroom dance to a group of high schoolers I was overcome with gratefulness. All it took was watching my husband waltz across the floor towards me.

You see, I have loved dancing since I can remember moving. As a young girl I took tap, jazz and ballet. I danced in recitals, at half time shows of college basketball games and in my living room. As I got older there were fewer opportunities to dance but I capitalized on all of them.

Unfortunately, as I started dating I began to realize that a love for dance was not something that existed in most, well any, of the guys I knew. I wanted to be married more than anything but the idea of living my life without dance in it was torturous.

Then came Nelson and not only does he love to dance, but he's also great at it. I’m grateful for a little window into just how much God really loves me.


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