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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit with Santa

Today Maximilian turned 10 months old. We celebrated by having his pictures taken at Sears (since I missed the 6 AND 9 month ones). It took us about an hour and he did pretty well. I think we'll have a pretty cute picture in a few weeks.
Since Sears is at the mall, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make our annual visit to Santa as well. I knew I would face a long line by myself with the kids but it's tradition and it had to be done.
About an hour into our wait I posed the following, "What do you guys think about waving to Santa from the escalator then going home and telling the elves what you want for Christmas?"

Mackenzie, who has just about given up on the Santa idea, said, "Yes!" The boys, however looked at me, laughed and said, "No way!"

Wait we did...for two hours. The kids were unbelievably patient. We ran into my brother, Brian, who snapped a few photos for me, allowing me to avoid the minimum $20 picture fee.
They were all still smiling when they sat on his lap. Max was enthralled by the big beard. The boys were as animated as ever. And Mackenzie, even though a bit reluctant at first, managed to give him her request, just in case.

Oh how the time goes by. My how having little ones make this wonderful season even more magical. There are days like today I wish I could just hold onto. I want them to stay like this forever (okay not forever...forever). It's so fun.

And, I must add, Mr. 10 month old Maximilian, that after a LONG day like today, I am convinced that you are indeed the best baby in the whole wide world!


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