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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

Today I had my faith in humanity restored. What was lost has been found and I am elated!

You may remember this incident. Although I'd let go of the idea I might get it back, I had not let go of the bad feelings about it.

Today my brother called me to tell me he had some good news for me. I thought he might be revealing a baby on the way...which after two years of marriage would be more than good news...but I digress. He said that someone had turned the camera in the night I left it. That same someone apparently missed all the announcements about it. Today they finally looked at the pictures on it and saw my brother.

Call it what you will but I'm calling it an early Christmas gift - the best kind.


Blogger the Mrs. of the House said...

oh that is AWESOME! That kind of stuff should happen more often. Although, not take quite so long.

A funny story, maybe...my husbands brothers girlfriend left her camera behind on Thanksgiving...hehe I got ahold of it, and let her know I had it, but it took about a week before she got it back. I went around taking random shots of stuff...kind of a study between the single life and the married life. Her party-ing pictures vs my kids toys lying around and my cooking supplies. The route to the school...LOL I am glad she has a sense of humor..she can easily delete them...I wouldn't do that with the old fashioned film we used to have to use.

Again....SO GLAD you have your camera. Maybe you can return the new one, if you bought one.

12:17 PM  

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