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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s been quite year for the Parris family. We started by welcoming Maximilian Aaron into the world on February 22. This was by far the hardest pregnancy but Max is also the most peaceful baby. He is easily entertained by his siblings…also easily put in harm’s way, but that’s another letter.

Mackenzie is in the 3rd grade this year and tackling long division, algebra, science and social studies for the first time. She has taken up piano and loves it. She has also become mini-mom to Max and insists on toting him around even though his weight has her walking a bit sideways. She is already a tough act for her brothers to follow.

Aiden is in Kindergarten and he is NOT Mackenzie. Getting dressed for school often requires several trips back up the stairs to retrieve missing parts of his uniform (and on more than one occasion he has managed to go to school commando). His shirt is never tucked in and when he wakes up with crazy hair, he wants to wear it that way for show and tell. Be that as it may, he has managed to win over the hearts of his teachers with his bright smile, freckles and dimples.

This has been a year of adjustment for Dawson. When we came home after taking the kids to school the first day, he looked at me and asked, “What are we doing to do all day with just you, me and Max?” It didn’t take him long to realize that being the one at home is not all that bad. He gets the cookies at the grocery store, the suckers at the bank and the visits to the park.

Two weeks after Max was born we FINALLY moved in to our new house! Believe it or not, I can actually say in all truth that it was worth the wait. The neighborhood is a utopia for the kids. It is not unusual to look out the window any given day and see at least 10 kids in the backyard. Of course the closeness of our neighbors also means we get lots of phone calls. “Are you aware that your boys are covered in mud?” “Umm...your boys are peeing in my front yard.” “Do you know that the boys are on the trampoline naked?” I think of it as an opportunity to stay informed…as well as a chance to work on my humility.

Nelson and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in June. We stand in awe of the many blessings we have received in that time. If we can have four babies, visit 6 countries, build our own home AND stay happily married through it all, just think what we can do with 20!

We hope you find a moment in 2009 to come and waste some time with us. We love you all.

Merry Christmas!


Blogger nicole said...

Merry Christmas! I love your letter. Those boys sound like a load of fun. Just imagine the stories you'll be telling to their kids at Christmas time in the future.

11:07 AM  

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