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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day in the Life (or a Moment in the Morning)

Today was a historic day in the Parris household. The kids got themselves up and ready for school a whole 35 minutes before it started. It was the perfect day to make good on my mentioning that we might try to walk to school one day.

I grabbed the stroller from the car while the three "big" kids bounced with glee down the driveway. We hit the street and said our Armor of God prayer. Everyone was giddy.

We had just reached the end of our street when Aiden bit the dust. Not a little trip but a big, skin your knees and scrape your hands fall. He was certain he could not make it all the way to school with the injury so...we promptly turned around and walked back.

Everyone was really disappointed. By the time we made it back home, bandaged the knee, packed up the stroller and got in the car, we were almost late.

I'm not sure why it happened. It's just par for the course in the life of a mother with little kids. Things seldom turn out the way you plan. Even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable at times. And, every time you think you’ve got it made, you find out you really don’t.

All you mothers of grown children out there who say things like, “Ah, those were the days,” with fondness in your voices – let me just say that early memory loss is a gift to you from God.


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