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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Final Moments

I'm so glad that I'm a little distracted these days, otherwise I would have spent yesterday in tears. A mere nine months ago I took this picture. I was pregnant, in a different house with a smaller child.
Friday I rolled over a little before 6 a.m. to find a fully dressed 2nd grader wide eyed and bushy-tailed in bed with me. "Mama, is it time to go to school yet?" I assuredly told her no and secretly smiled. Although she's getting older; she's still my little girl.
After her awards ceremony I jetted over to the old house. I had to see it one last time before it was no longer ours. I'm happy, so happy that it sold, but sad, so sad to see it go.

This is the house we bought before we got married. The house with the threshold Nelson carried me over. The house I brought my four babies home to. Paint parties, Christmas parties and birthday parties happened here, along with our first Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July. We were in that house for ten years together...that's a lot of really great memories.

We made that house our home. We poured ourselves into it. We loved this house. It was just too small for our growing family. I know that we'll make even more memories in our awesome, beautiful, amazing new house.

But yesterday, I let myself be just a little sad about leaving.


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