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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Says the Kid Who Runs Naked Through the House

The impetus for me getting back to this wonderful place is that we're on our annual trip to Hilton Head with my generous folks. It's been a week of much needed rest and recovery for us all.

Tonight I brought Max up to the house with me while I got dinner ready and the big boys were at the pool with Nelson. "How bout you come up with me and I'll let you take a bath in the big tub all by yourself?" I bribed.

"Can I put my dive sticks in with me?"

"Sure," I said in full vacation mode.

"Can I wear my goggles too?" he pushed a little further.

"Why not?"

He went from hesitance to excitement in a matter of seconds. I ran the bath as high as I could and helped him get in. As I was leaving the bathroom to check on dinner, he asked, "Can you please close the door?"

"I want to leave it open so I can hear you from the other room," I explained.

"But Mama," he countered, "I need my privacy!"


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