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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Letting It All Hang Out

I had forgotten that fundraising is a full time job. I am so impressed by mothers who pull off working from home. Inevitably, my biggest sponsors will call in the middle of dinner, after school chaos or while kids are giggling uncontrollably. Emails need to be taken care of while dinner is cooking, I'm waiting in the carpool line or supervising clothing choices.

Tuesday I had one of those days where I had this brief moment of lucidity. I was talking on the phone while shooting off an email and putting together sponsor lists. Wow, I thought. I really am supermom.

Then the kids came home and all three big kids had piano lessons so there was the check to write, rehearsal time to supervise and homework to be done. In the middle of that I was cooking dinner for two families.  While child two was at piano a neighbor came by to borrow some movies and clothing.  She brought her two young ones with her. While all that was going on, I also got a call that the kid playing at a friend's was injured and needed to be picked up. I glanced at my clock to see what time it was and thought I was fine...until I got a call from son number two about why Mackenzie was so late for piano. Somehow I had gotten it in my mind that her lesson began when it was supposed to be finished.

Win some. Lose some.  I was juggling the balls and dropped all of them at the same time. Dinner was late, the rolls were over done, the injured son never got any attention, and the lesson was almost missed.  

That night, when we finally sat down to eat ourselves, my phone rang and I ignored it. Sometimes I make good choices.

In other news, I've been asked to speak at a town wide Miracle and Healing Service tomorrow night.  I wrote that talk today. In the past this would not be acceptable. It would have been done a week before and memorized by now. This week the time I had for it was half an hour this morning and another brief bit tonight to practice and time it.  I'm hoping beyond all hope that God will work mightily through my weakness.

So that's what I've been up to among scheduling doctor's appointments, preparing for Max to have a tooth pulled, dealing with a backyard bully, visiting sponsors and helping out a friend in need of a ride to the car shop.

If you see me and I don't remember your name, you now know why.

Pray for me tomorrow night. Hopefully I’ll remember what time it starts so I can get there before my time to talk.


Blogger nicole said...

It happens to the best of us. We have completely missed sports games before.

Lily just had a tooth pulled last Friday, and will have to have two more pulled, in addition to other work. Her mouth is a mess. I had mom guilt over it for a day or so, until I started talking about it and realized it has happened to lots of kids. Still hard.

9:44 AM  

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