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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Today I noted that it was the first official day of vacation so I thought we should celebrate.

First I did some blitz cleaning and then met a friend for a brief run at the canal. Of course this meant I had to squeeze 3 bikes and a jogging stroller into the car that has the broken latch so that I can't open the back but only roll down it's window.

I ran with a single friend with no kids and prayed like crazy my kids would be the picture of perfection. Only they weren't. One complained and then cried most of the ride. One needed a snack every 10 minutes. Needless to say the 30 min run was closer to 50 minutes or so. I felt the need to apologize a million times...and I did.

On the way home however, I realized that this is my reality. Things don't always go as planned, nor are they perfect. So...it's okay if other people know this. (Well, it's okay if some friends know this, but I still love to give that impression of the perfect mom who has everything pulled together most of the time.)

Next was a welcome home dinner for my folks who have just returned from Nigeria. This was followed by a visit from Nelson's cousin and her friend. After this we hit a "Not So Silent Night" party filled with live music.

Suddenly my day was every bit as busy as before vacation and I'm thinking, “What have I done?” This is supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation. I have not rested or relaxed much.

And then it hit me. The holidays are a time to do the things you don't normally have time to do. It's time to visit with friends and family that you don't take the time to do. It's time to make memories and have a drink and celebrate life.

Today - mission accomplished.


Blogger nicole said...

I am just like you in regards to wanting that illusion that my life is neat and clean and I have it all together when I'm around some people. Why do we think that?

10:03 AM  

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