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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Masters

Today Mackenzie got to do something people around the world would pay infinite amounts of money to do. She spent the day at the Augusta National watching the first round of the Masters.

Now if you're anything like me before I moved to Augusta and have no idea what I'm talking about, just follow any sports reporting over the next few days and you'll get a small idea of what it's all about. Here in Augusta, the whole year is spent preparing for this one all important week. And it's done with class and charm only seen in the south.

Mackenzie got in as a part of their Junior Pass Program and they treated her like royalty. Every gallery guard that caught sight of her ushered her right up to the ropes so she could see. She took in the golf, the beautiful scenery and a turkey sandwich and chips for $2. That's right folks-an import, 16 oz beer at the National is only $3.50!

She was thrilled. The sweetest part of it all was that she was accompanied by both of her grandfathers. Can you picture it? A day spent with two of her favorite people in the world. Yes, it is a gift to have access to tournament tickets through Nelson's folks. Yes, the Junior Pass Program is wonderful. Yes, the food and beer out there are great deals in the world of sporting event fare.

But a day learning about golf at arguably one of the most beautiful courses in the world with her Papa and Dampa...folks, that is priceless.


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