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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Aiden won his first soccer game ever today and boy, oh boy, was he excited. I think the score was 6 to 1 but depending on which boy you ask, you may get a different number.

He's the one in the gold shirt. The new ones haven't come in yet which sometimes makes it hard to know which kids are on your team. That may explain why here, even though Aiden did make a few great saves, he is actually sandwiched between his own teammates.

Notice that even though my folks bought him brand new soccer shoes, he is wearing his second hand tennis shoes. This is because he was wearing these tennis shoes in his first game. In that game he scored his first goal. He wore the new shoes last week and he did not score, so from now on he's thinking the tennis shoes are where it's at.

This notion will only be helped by the fact that he made his second goal today.

I love this picture not for its quality but because it paints a very realistic picture of our backyard soccer experience.

Note the "Jordanesque" tongue action and the look of total determination on that little face. Also note that the ball is in exactly the opposite position of where it should be.

You know, he's young and there is a learning curve to this athletic stuff. At this point there is as much comedic relief as competitive action. I think that's the way it should be because it sure does make it a lot of fun!


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