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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Same Goal, Different Approaches

While waiting to chat with Mackenzie's teacher today I was looking at the bulletin board display in the hallway. Every cute little face in her class was stapled up next to a heart.

I found Mackenzie's and almost melted when I saw that she had written "I will give Jesus my heart," on it. The heart had ribbon and a bow wrapped around it and some other sweet images. I was so proud.

My gaze then moved on to the other hearts. Most were simply pictures with no words at all. Some said things like, "I will give my voice to Him," and "Thank you Jesus for Christmas." I was feeling very blessed to be the mother of the one kid who thought to write about giving Jesus her heart.

And then I saw it - a heart belonging to a boy that said, "I will give Jesus my heart." "How sweet," I thought, "there is another child with such tenderness towards Jesus." Then I gazed at the picture drawn on the heart. The scene accompanying his heart was a bloody battle scene. I'm talking men kneeling behind barricades with guns and others with blood pouring out of their chests.

Being the mother of one girl and three boys I totally got it but laughed all the way out the door at the difference.


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