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Saturday, August 08, 2009

9 Miles Running!

Today I did something I've always thought was impossible - I ran 9 miles without stopping. I know, you're thinking, "Hey, didn't she do a half marathon last year?", and yes, I did. I didn't do it without walking though. I made it to mile 5 last year and then suffered some crippling pain from an injury that all but took me out of the race.

This year I have been training, with...knock on wood...no injuries. I made it to mile 5 and got a little fearful that what happened to me last year would happen again. But it didn't and it hasn't.

Today I was really nervous. I had a terrible time with the 8 mile run (of course, I was on vacation in Hilton Head) and had to walk quite a bit. When we started the run, I turned on my Ipod only to discover that it was dead. Nine miles with no music to keep me company was scary. Luckily I found a running partner...who turned around at mile 3 (instead of 4.5). I was literally on my own.

I was happy to make the turn around. I was glad to reach miles 6 and 7. It wasn't until I hit mile 8 that I actually started to think that I could make this distance. There were plenty of times I wanted to stop but I just kept thinking that stopping would make me feel better immediately but then I would regret it the rest of the day.

And so I did it! Now I'm thinking that if I can do 9, 13.1 is not much farther. Maybe, just maybe I can do that too.

Stay tuned.


Blogger nicole said...

Wow! That is great Amy! I have only strung together 6-7 miles myself. Good job!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Heather N said...

Congrats Amy! That's awesome. If you can do 9 without music, the half will be a breeze. Ok, maybe not a breeze, but way easier that you think. Once that adrenaline kicks in, and you have music, and all those other runners. You've got it made!!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Amy Parris said...

Thanks ladies!

Heather, I miss you so much this year! How are you and the little baby doing? When's your due date?

10:46 PM  

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