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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a Quick Check-In

This morning I went on a run in the valley of Reno, Nevada surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains. I have to admit after the warnings to look out for mountain lions and coyotes(I kid you not!), I was a little nervous.

The trails I ran on run behind the neighborhood but they are so far down that you really feel like you're out in the middle of the desert. The sky was blue, the breeze was blowing and there wasn't a soul in sight.

The trail was pretty hilly so I spent a lot of time looking at the path so as to avoid a total wipe out. However, about 5 minutes in I looked up. In the distance I could see the snow-capped mountains and on the hills flowers I've never seen before were in full bloom. There were even a few jack rabbits in the distance. It was truly beautiful.

The thought crossed my mind that if it looked like this at home, I might actually enjoy running. That's quite an attitude change for me.

God spoke to me at that moment. I spend a lot of my time staring at the path at my feet. It is necessary after all for my own safety and the safety of those who might be moving around me. However, if that's the only view I ever see, the road gets long. It makes the run harder and a bit boring. The simple act of changing the view, changes my attitude. Instead of just seeing the here and now, I was taking a look at the bigger picture and it was exquisite.

The experience left me breathless. Of course I think that happened not only because of the beauty, but also because the altitude here is about 5,500 ft.! Either way it made the run totally worth while.


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