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Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Work

Today was a day of chores for the kids. We started the morning with Aiden putting away the silverware, Dawson gathering the laundry and Mackenzie sorting it. Beds were made, rooms cleaned, floors vacuumed and laundry folded. Nobody complained. Everyone worked together. It was a thing of beauty.

It did not happen all at the same time of course. There were swimming lessons to be taken and a big back yard to be explored. There were stories to be read and games to be played.

Just for the record, it did not happen perfectly. It did, however, happen happily. I think too often I don’t ask the kids to help because it will take more time and lead to lots of complaining. This summer I vowed to do it anyway. What I was reminded of is that kids want to help. They like responsibility. They sang while they worked!

Tomorrow we will not tackle so much. I’m going to try to find that happy medium of keeping it new and fun, while still getting the job done. And tomorrow, the job will simply be to play together. I hope they sing while we do that too!


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