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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Different Way to Get There

Tonight I was driving across town and had to brave the section of I-20 that feeds into 520 and is currently undergoing major reconstruction. We're actually going to have our very own spaghetti junction. Anyway, I was driving down roads that I've driven down for ...well, a lot of years. They are roads that are very familiar to me.

Tonight however, I felt like I was in a different town. Nothing looked the same and I was unsure how to get off on the exit that leads to my house. I found my way because the stores and restaurants were the same, but I couldn't believe how something so familiar to me suddenly looked like something I’d never seen before.

In that moment God showed me something about my life. There are periods in our lives when changes happen. Our surroundings stay the same, the direction is the same but the way we move forward makes everything look different - it changes the way we see things around us.

I’m still striving for the same destination, but over the years, the way I go to get there has changed. Once the change happens, I can't really go back to the way things were. However, if I figure it out, if I can still find my way, I may get there even quicker than before.


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