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Saturday, July 05, 2008

More or Less

Dawson came in to ask me if he could have another turn on the computer. "Mama," he whined in an attempt to sway me, "Aiden is having a longer turn than me."

"No Dawson," I informed him. You had 30 minutes on the computer and Aiden is having 30 minutes."

"Well," he thought for a minute, "Aiden's turn was 20 minutes and I ONLY had 30 minutes."

"Um, Dawson," I ventured, "30 minute is more than 20."

"Well," he thought again, "I mean Aiden had 12 minutes for his turn and I only had 20 minutes."

"Bud, 20 is still more than 12."

He shuffled his foot and twisted his lip. "Really Mama, I mean Aiden had 60 minutes for his turn and I only had 40."

"Okay," I giggled, "now you're on the right track.”


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