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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have a Little Faith

We've been dealing with a shocking event today. A dear friend of the family was found dead this morning after committing suicide. It was shocking.

When I got the news this morning, I called Nelson and we decided to give the news to the kids without telling them about the suicide.

Dawson and Max were the only ones home at the time so when I hung up the phone I called them into the room. I told them I had some very sad news and then I told them that our friend died this morning. After answering a few questions, I led them in a prayer which they repeated after me.

"Dear Jesus, have mercy on the soul of our friend Brian and bring him to Heaven to be with you. Amen."

Dawson, my sensitive soul, could feel the earnestness of my words. "Mama," he inquired a bit worried, "did he know Jesus?"

"Yes, I am sure that he did. He loved Jesus very much."

His countenance changed immediately and he said, "Well...ok then," and walked happily away.

When Jesus said we should be like children, He was talking about moments like this.

Please pray for Brian’s soul and for his family and friends.


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