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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, What's Become of Me?

Bedtimes around here have always been adhered to pretty strictly. Sleep is important to me. Of course, there are times when we make exceptions like holidays, vacations and summers but even then we try to keep some semblance of a schedule. It works for us and the kids.

Lately though I’ve noticed a bit of a different trend with Max. Instead of putting him to bed first or with the other kids, it’s not unusual for him to be the last kid standing. This is not because he refuses to go to bed or because he asks to stay up. It just seems to happen.

I let him toddle around with me as I tuck the other kids in. He goes to each one requesting “huggies” and happily tells them “goo night”. We work in some therapy by walking down the stairs together and celebrating his hard work. By this time the house is quiet which enables me to have moments like this when I putting him to bed.

Tonight, however, things went a little differently. Nelson had been out with Mackenzie, the big boys were in bed and I was cleaning the kitchen while Max wandered around. He came to me with the case to Curious George in hand and sweetly said, “Atch monkey pease.” How could I possible say no?

By the time I finished with the kitchen, Mackenzie had gone to bed and Nelson had gone up to the office to work. I walked into the family room and there was Max – planted sweetly in front of the TV, mesmerized. I didn’t have the heart to sweep him away.

I sat on the couch behind him and began poking around on the computer. The next thing I knew he was climbing up on the couch. “I sit by you Mama,” he informed me as he settled in. He put his hand on my leg and looked up at the computer, “’At’s that Mama?” And so we had a brief conversation before his eyes turned back to the movie.

I knew I should put him to bed. I knew this was bad for him. I also knew that I liked his company. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. He leaned back and returned the favor. We did this a few more times before he instructed me, “Kiss my nose,” and so I did.

Before I knew it, the credits were rolling, my little guy was all but sitting in my lap and it was 9:30! I scooped him up and quickly got him to bed as he let me know, “I go nigh night now.” I walked out of his room feeling slightly guilty for my self-indulgence.

As I sit here, what I’ve decided is that I’m the parent and it’s my prerogative to have moments like this one. Granted, I should probably have them mid-morning rather than late evening but, I should have them.

Bottom line is that I do not plan on making late movie nights part of the schedule with my baby. But tonight…tonight, I am really glad I did.


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you go girl! Those are fun times.

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