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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big Day

Today is a banner day in the Parris household. It marks the day my wonderful husband came into this world (many thanks Rich and Nancy!), as well as the day my brother will say the first mass in our new home and give my angel daughter her first Communion.

It will be a busy day for sure, but one full of many blessings. I have a thousand things to do but I wanted to reflect a minute. In the wee hours of the night while feeding Max I was already in prayer for two of the loves of my life. It has been constant every waking moment since.

I want the dinner to be delicious, the house to be immaculate and the boys to be on their very best behavior. However, these are not the things that have filled my prayers. Instead, I have been praying that my husband be honored and know how very much I love him. I have been praying that God will bless him abundantly and guide him on the perfect path for his life.

I have been praying that like the priest who said mass at her retreat last night, this will be the happiest day of Mackenzie's life. I pray that she will have a divine understanding of the sacrament she is preparing to take part in and that this will be the beginning of a love affair between her and Jesus.

It will be a busy day indeed but I wanted to pause for a minute to focus on the real reason for the work I'll do today. Perfection won't matter. What will matter is that my daughter will receive Jesus and that my husband be truly honored and loved.

Ah...okay, now back to work.


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