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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Where does the time go? Not the years, or the months, or even the days. It's the minutes lately. One thing leads to another and the thing you start gets done an hour or two after you set out to do it. In the meantime other things come up that take twice as long as you thought because you weren't thinking about them in first place.

How do you balance? How do you get things done and take time for yourself? How do you choose? When do you give in and go to sleep? When do you push through?

Seriously...how do you?


Anonymous Kelly said...

I read "The Organized Home" by Denise Schofield. She makes the point that all the work is never done. Undone or unfinished is normal. For women who are primarily at home, she has two valuable recommendations. First, divide your work into days. When you finish Monday's work, for example, you tell yourself, "It's not all done, but today's work is done." If the floor looks horrible or the laundry is piling up, you still say, "Today's work is done."

Her second recommendation is to try to do a few things that last longer than a clean kitchen floor. Plant flowers, paint a wall, hang a picture. She sees homemakers battling depression because, in the short run, every success seems to be so fleeting. You finish the laundry - it piles up again. You wash a window - it's covered with grime minutes later.

I have had an exhausting week. I came home from a retreat last night to a disaster of a kitchen. I went to bed. I had the energy at 5:00 this morning to tackle a job that I could not have done last night.

As women, as mothers, we have to say "I'm done" sometimes.

7:04 AM  

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